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We employ extensive experience, expertise and state of the art high-throughput instrumentation across all platforms in our facility.  This core is open to all investigators, including;  UW and their affiliates, commercial and not-for-profit biotechnology companies, and other academic institutions.

Comparative Pathology Consultation

Through our partnership with the Comparative Pathology Program (CPP) we have access to experienced comparative pathologists who are available for research consultation and collaboration.


The HIC utilizes automated immunohistochemistry staining systems which provide efficiency, consistency, and standardization of protocols across studies of all sizes. Please review the list of over 100 antibodies that have been optimized in our core.  

We are now pleased to offer additional high throughput automated IHC staining on our new Leica Bond Rx platform.  Please contact Brian Johnson for more information


Our Histotechnician has over seventeen years of experience and can provide decalcification, paraffin embedding, sectioning, H&E staining and specialized stains. 

Quantitative Microscopy

Our Nanozoomer auto-scanner allows for full-slide scanning of studies of any size into digital image formats with a 20x objective for further analysis with modern software. 

Image Analysis

Our Image Analyst has over five years of experience and is able to provide image quantification with Visiopharm software, which is equipped with manual binary analysis tools and two levels of artificial intelligence learning features. 

Luminex Cell-Based Multiplex Assay

Invitrogen Multiplex (Luminex) Panel Configurator & Selection Tool

Easily and conveniently design your own custom Invitrogen multiplex immunoassay for protein quantitation detection using Luminex® technology. Select a species, panel type, and any number of available targets, and have the panel built and validated for you. This tool features our Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Assays (formerly eBioscience) and the Invitrogen legacy Luminex Assays.

For questions about custom multiplex assays and services, including ongoing support for legacy Luminex assay products, contact AFFYTech_Support@thermofisher.com.

URL: www.thermofisher.com/findluminex

Contact Brian Johnson (206-685-6517) for more information.

Submit A Work Order

Work Orders may be submitted via online forms.  DRC and CFTRC investigators, please note special instructions at the top of the form before submitting your work order. General Histology Guidelines and Submission Guidelines are also available.

We encourage anyone interested in using our services to consult with us during the planning stages of your project to help ensure the best possible outcome.

For more information on the resources available, see the HIC Resource Statement.


Contact Us

Please stop by the Histology and Imaging Core in Room N310 or call to familiarize yourself with our resources, to discuss your histology and imaging needs, or to schedule deliveries to our facility at SLU. Brian Johnson can be contacted by phone (206) 685-6517 or e-mail.