Histology and Imaging Core (HIC)



We have extensive experience collaborating with investigators across a broad range of research and therapeutic development fields.  We are well-versed in trouble shooting all aspects of our histology, immunochemistry, imaging and multiplex assay services which allows us to develop the most efficient, effective work flow for your project.  We recognize and support the value of data from tissue protein expression and strive to provide this to our clients in a collaborative, cost effective manner.
  • Does your research involve animal models? Human tissues? Cells?
  • Do you need help with histology, immunohistochemistry, image analysis or quantitative microscopy?
  • Do you want digitized, archived slides available online?


  • Tissue processing, embedding, sectioning (both paraffin and frozen)
  • H&E and special stains


  • Simplify and improve the consistency of your immunohistochemistry
  • Numerous optimized protocols for mouse, rat and human antigens
  • We can develop new immunostaining protocols for your antibodies
  • Optimized antibodies
  • Hamamatsu Nanozoomer Digital Pathology system
  • Automatically scans and archives up to 210 slides at a time
  • Online access to your images via secure login
  • Click here to view NDP.view procedures (PDF)


  • Visiopharm software that automates image analysis and stereology using whole slide digital images
  • Nikon Elements and ImagePro Software


  • Fully automated Nikon 90i scope with DIC, multi-channel fluorescence, and Nikon DiR1 color and Cool-Snap monochromatic digital cameras
  • Applied Precision’s state-of-the-art Delta Vision Core Microscope with deconvolution software.  Excellent for tissue and live cell imaging studies.


  • Comparative Pathologists are available for consultation or collaboration
  • Pathologic phenotyping of genetically modified mice
  • Experience in preclinical toxicology studies


  • On-site training in all technologies and equipment
  • Organized workshops on immunohistochemistry, microscopy, image analysis, stereology, pitfalls with fluorescence and digital imaging, and pathology of mouse models of human diseases


  • Luminex Bio-Plex 200.  Screening and performance assays for simultaneously detecting and quantifying multiple target analytes in qualified complex sample types